It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Captain K-9!

Schedule dog training services of superhero proportions in Red Hook, NY

When your dog is having behavioral issues, you need a hero who can speak their language. You can trust Captain K-9 to swoop in with dog training services in Red Hook, NY.

With over 30 years of experience, Captain K-9 knows how to address your dog's needs and communicate them to you. You can rely on our super dog trainer to get the job done. Call 845-399-8505 today to schedule dog training services.

Captain K-9 is here to save the day

Finding a reliable, expert dog trainer shouldn't feel like you're chasing your tail. Captain K-9 is here to save the day by offering...

Puppy training

New dog training

In-home dog training

DIY dog training

Let a skilled trainer help when life gets ruff

Some behavioral issues are a bigger battle than others. That's why we offer specialized trainings for unique situations, like setting things up for a new puppy or giving special attention to a rescue dog. Your dog is your family, so we give them the care they deserve.

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